Broken trees, flooding cause problems in Madison Co.

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ANDERSON, Ind. (June 19, 2014) — People in Madison County are cleaning up, after the area was hit hard by the violent storms, Thursday.

Streets were under water, and part of a huge tree fell down on top of a home at Pearl St. and E. 15th St. while the woman was inside.

“I just knew it had to be that tree, because I worried so much that this would happen,” said the homeowner. “I mean, it’s like a jungle.”

The woman’s beautifully manicured landscape in her back yard is now ruined by the tree that came crashing down during the storm. She thinks it was a lightning bolt, it could also have been the wind. But, it’s almost irrelevant when you consider the mess left behind.

Another large tree branch came crashing down, and blocked Short St. near Ohio Ave. Adding insult to injury in that case, the tree was leaning on top of power lines. Not far from there, the severe weather caused yet another tree to break at W. 14th St. and Chase St. Flooding was another big problem in Madison County. Emergency managers say a car ended up in some high water in a dip along S.R. 128 near County Road 750 West. It’s believed the driver survived.

Tomorrow will be a day for folks to take the chainsaws to the trees that came down. It’ll also be a day for insurance adjusters to go check out claims that were filed.

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