Checking in on winter at the mid-way point; Colder pattern emerging

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We reached the midway point of meteorological winter Tuesday with another day above normal.  The high temperature reached the mid/upper 40s after some early morning fog and clouds.  This was the 26th straight day above normal.

Meteorological winter is the cold months of December, January and February.  Since December first, 78% of the days have been above normal.  The average temperature of 37.9° now ties for the 9th warmest on record for Indianapolis.

This has been an amazing stretch that includes the most 50-degree  days (13) since the first full day of astronomical winter (December 22) in 130 years!  Only 1890 (13 days) and 1876 (15 days) have produced this number of days above fifty degrees.

Much of the nation has been bathed in mild weather but note, the largest departure from normal is right here in the Midwest and in Indiana.  Through the 14th of January the winter temperature is nearly 8-degrees per day above normal.




The snow business has been a slow business with no snow recorded so far this January.  This is the first time since 2007 that we went this deep into a January without recorded snowfall.  Despite the lack of snow this month, the seasonal snow is just a shade below normal.  November's 2.8" and December's 7.6" got us off to an above normal snow season.  It is only a matter of time that snow falls and sticks here again.  The last measured snowfall was December 17th, almost a full month ago.


Western Canada has been filling with bitter cold and it will only be a matter of time util we plug into arctic air.   The polar branch of the jet stream has been absent for nearly a month but that changes soon.

After a shot of chilly air Thursday, the cold will reload and come roaring back behind a early weekend storm and strong northwest winds.

Snow could develop here as early as Friday afternoon and gradually change to rain as temperatures rise and a storm moves in.  Warmer temperatures (50-degrees) are possible by daybreak Saturday with rain still falling.  Temperatures are to begin to dive as the low departs and arctic air spills into the state.  The coldest air in nearly a month moves in starting Sunday as a colder pattern takes hold to close out the month.


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