The chilly November-like preview continued Monday and the coolest air since early May could produce frost by daybreak

November-like lows early Monday AM across central Indiana. The coolest 34° Crawfordsville. Low of 42° is the coolest in Indianapolis since May 4th, just over 5 months ago. The first FROST of the season is very possible outlying and patchy within city limits of Indianapolis. A Frost Advisory issued and is in effect from 1am to 9am Tuesday.


It is a transitional time of the year and a frosty morning at this time of the year is actually expected. It may be a bit of a shock to the system considering one week ago afternoon temperatures were nearing 90-degrees! A first frost (when low reaches 36°) occurs around the 12th of October. Last year, it came almost one year ago on Oct 8th. The latest first front on record for the city of Indianapolis was November 10th, 2016.

Transitional time of the year. The earliest snow for the city fell on this date nearly 100 years ago today. A ‘trace’ of snow reported Oct 9th, 1925.


Strong warming expected late week ahead of a developing autumn storm. Temps to surge Thu/Fri and may even reach 80°. Showers & t-storms accompany a warm front Wed PM into early Thursday morning.