Chilly change coming as we reach half-way point of spring and April 2021



Bolstered by nine days of 70-degree warmth, Spring 2021 has moved into 9th place as the warmest on record to date. Wednesday marked the 45th day since March 1st, the start of meteorological spring. Since then, 30 days (67%) have averaged above normal and the average is the warmest since 2012. This spring is currently running 3 to 4-degrees per day above normal not only here but across much of the Midwest. In Indianapolis, we are +1.5° warmer than last spring through April 14th.


One week ago, air conditioners were being used for the very first time this year, tonight fire up the furnace as we cool to the lowest temperatures here in nearly two weeks. Thursday morning temperatures will be well cool enough for frost area-wide but the breeze through the night should keep any frost that forms patchy and mainly in outlying areas. Frost formation typically begins when temperatures lower to 36° or colder.

Thursday’s cool off to more like March levels is likely a preview of many of the days ahead for the next two weeks. A much more notable chill will develop with several of days over the next two weeks failing to reach 60-degrees. Each of the next six days will average below normal by as much as 6 to 9-degrees. Off overnight forecasts, the coldest of the next could Tuesday with an afternoon temperature as much as 16-degrees below normal. Should that hold up, we may only have temperatures in the 40s with a real likelihood of an area-wide freeze next week. We will keep you posted.

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