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Between 7pm yesterday and 8pm today (25 hours) the temperature in Indianapolis fluctuated no more than 3 degrees. Gray skies and high relative humidity made for dreary weather, keeping us in the 41-43° range. Conditions will not be quick to transition overnight either with drizzle to light rain through much of it. Temperatures may slip out of this range and into the upper 30s before the morning though.

Thursday will not be an ideal weather day either, but there will be some improvement. No major weather systems will be in the area, so it will be a more steady change in pace. With a low temp closer to our normal high, it should come as no surprise that we expect a warmer than average day. Despite such a mild start however, we should still stay in the upper 40s. Warming will not be efficient with substantial cloud cover and light wind. There may be partial clearing in the afternoon, but not a significant level of sun will break through.

Friday will look very similar to Thursday with a mostly cloudy sky overhead through most of the day. Other than the off chance for a stray shower, it will be another dry day. Temperatures will be significantly higher however, as a warm front lifts north through the region. Highs should climb into the 55-60 degree range and should not drop much beyond 50 overnight. This comes even with a substantial amount of rain on the way, which will be the culprit for what’s expected to be a New Year’s Day deluge.