We are in the DRIEST YEAR to-date in 12 years, since 2010. Ranks 34th driest on record and nearly 9″ BELOW NORMAL! Fall 2022 was among the driest on record and we need precipitation.

The clouds have arrived. This young December has exceeded sunshine expectations with 48% possible sunshine to-date, 38% is normal. The CLOUDIEST MONTH of the year lives up to its billing as a cloudy spell is underway this week.

Rain chances to accompany the clouds and ‘chances’ are on the rise, however coverage and intensity is minimal for the next few days. Coverage looks to remain under 30% ramping up overnight Thursday into Friday to over 60%. However, I’m still unimpressed at this distance at late week rainfall totals. Two, long-range machines have amounts under half-inch. Snapshot below of U.S. model has healthier amounts far north and far south. We will monitor trends, and we will take what we can get.


A flat, west to east flow will for the time being, keep the real cold air bottled up in Canada. The outlook is unchanged from our thinking entering the month that little or no real arctic air will not show up until at least mid-December and along with the lack of cold no snow. Temperatures are likely to exceed 50-degrees on multiple days this week before a cool off for the upcoming weekend.