Spring is on hold as another wave of chilly air descends upon central Indiana. Temperatures are going down with snow chances on the rise

April’s opening week is the COOLEST since 2018 (4 years) and has produced only one day above 60-degrees! SPRING 2022 opened mild but trended chilly over the past 2 weeks. A deep, cold and closed low will not go – for at least a couple of days and is responsible for delivering a February-like chill along with rain and snow showers through Saturday.

“Spokes” of energy combined with the chilly air keeps this atmosphere unsettled for the next two days. Daily showers will include ice pellets and wet snow. If you are a fan of snow, the higher likelihood of snow and even enough that accumulates, mainly on grassy and elevated “cooler” surfaces, appears to be late Friday or early Saturday. It is worth noting that we’ve already had a trace of snow this April and scanning weather records, 83% of all April’s have produced at least a trace of snow. Last year, we had a measured snow as late as April 20th!

The upper-low departs late weekend and paves the way for a HUGE improvement starting Sunday. Friday & Saturday high temps will be off the normal by as much as 15-degrees. The jet stream will undergo sweeping changes allowing for a surge in temperatures that includes our first 70-degree day of this month and possibly multiple days at or above 70° early next week!