Coldest November in 28 years; Bitter cold departs but chill lingers

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It is an improvement, but still well below normal as we enter the end of the work week.  The bitter cold air is behind us as the polar branch of the jet stream retreats but the chill will linger.

Indianapolis reached 40-degrees Thursday, and for the first time since late Monday climbed above freezing.  No bargain at 13-degrees below normal but a small victory nonetheless.


If you think this is unusually cold you are correct.  Of course we shattered daily records early in the week but the persistent chill this month has very rare.  All but two days below normal this month which isn’t terribly rare but the extreme cold is and it is leaving a mark in the record books.  To date, this is the coldest November since 1991 and ranks 3rd coldest all-time.  Only 1991 and 1976 have averaged colder.


The chill will linger for several more days as the dominate flow in the jet stream is from the northwest.  The ‘northwest’ flow jet will not permit any strong warm ups and will keep a streak of below normal temperatures alive into next week.  With an average high in the lower 50s, the temperatures will not likely crack the 50-degree mark until next week.

Precipitation will be lacking for the next several days but clouds will have a role in the forecast.  Skies are to brighten Saturday but turn cloudy again on Sunday as a weak front may generate a few sprinkles or a flurry Monday.  At this time, no major storms are on the horizon.

The best threat for rain is later next week.  A warm up will accompany a chance of showers by Thursday afternoon.


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