Coldest Thanksgiving in 25 years

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Gobble, Gobble til you wobble! I could not resist! Hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving!

Only 11% of the Thanksgiving days have ever been this cold in Indianapolis.  The  31° Thursday tied for 8th coldest on record and coldest in 25 years.

2014 ties fro 8th coldest Thanksgiving
2014 ties fro 8th coldest Thanksgiving

Turkey Temps


Scattered snow showers will persist this evening then diminish after 1 AM.  A coating is possible in spots under the more vigorous snow showers.


A colder night for the late night/early morning shoppers as we dip into the teens by sunrise. The wind chill lowers to the single digits around sunrise. Stay warm!

Wind Chill forecast
Wind Chill forecast

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