INDIANAPOLIS – The coldest weather of the season has engulfed Central Indiana with locations dropping into the 20s and 30s on Saturday morning! We fell to 35° in Indianapolis, which is our first low in the 30s this season and comes four days later than average.

Chilly end to the weekend

Warmer weather will begin to seep into Central Indiana as soon as Saturday night, but it will take some time to build. With a broad area of high pressure in the near vicinity, our weather will remain quiet and lows will return to the 30s across most of the area. The sun will be abundant during the day once again, and southwest breeze will pick up during the day.

This will help us rebound quite a bit, though we’ll fall short of average with highs around the mid 60s. Another cool night is expected, though warming will continue.

September-like feel this week

As high pressure continues to migrate eastward, we’ll see temperatures continue to climb. Highs on Monday are likely to return to the low 70s with a good amount of sun present. Warming will continue on Tuesday as the southwest wind is rejuvenated. It will be breezy in the afternoon with a mix of sun and highs in the mid 70s.

Our warmest day is likely to be Wednesday as long as our weather stays dry. A cold front will be approaching from the west and that will kick up some showers ahead of it. The potential to reach upper 70s is there, but we’ll need to monitor the timing of showers too.