The real measure of ‘humidity’ is the dew point and when it drops, we can see and feel the change.

Another Record may have been tied Thursday as the the thermometer briefly touched 88° at the airport sensor. IF that holds, we will have tied the record for the date set 141 years ago! The record 88° was set in 1881.

Preliminary high temperature Thursday. If this holds we will have tied the record for the date.


The temperatures were as warm as Wednesday on Thursday but something was missing. A east wind developed overnight and the tropical air that aided in a HEAT INDEX as high as 95°, was much lower Thursday. Dry air is welcome on the hottest of summer days.

When south winds blow, tropical air is open for business and flows from the Gulf of Mexico into central Indiana. That air, combined with high heat, will lead to the most uncomfortable days and nights during the summer months.

Tuesday and Wednesday the dew point topped the highest of the year at 70-degrees, that heavy air lead to the thick haze and the uncomfortable heat index. A wind shift late last night delivered a knock out blow to the the humidity sending those numbers down sharply Thursday into the 40s! That dramatic change will really be felt early Friday morning.

Dry air may heat up quickly but also cools just as fast. Out-the-door Friday morning, many locations will open the day in the 50s.