Skies are clear and temperatures cool/chilly to start this Thursday morning! A cold front slipped through last night and brought a wind shift and a slightly cooler air mass for today across the state. Overall, a quiet, calm day with sunshine and temperatures nearly 10° above average…just not as warm as the record warmth on Wednesday!

Tonight, clouds thicken and rain arrives overnight! Rain will be likely hours before Friday’s morning rush hour, along with wind increasing in speeds. This will mark a wet start to the day, as lows slip into the lower 40s.

Friday will be quite wet! Steady, heavy rainfall will be expected through the morning and afternoon, as temperatures begin to fall and winds remain cranked up…gusts up to 35 mph. A Flood Watch will be underway, as rainfall totals could range between 2″-3″ creating lowland flooding and bankfull creeks and streams.

Eventually, colder air will wrap into this system bringing a rain/snow mix by the evening before slowly drying out late Friday night and into Saturday morning.

A colder start to the weekend expected but another dry weekend with sunshine both days.