Coolest afternoon here since May but warmer pattern emerges next week


Tuesday temperature in Indianapolis failed to reach 50-degrees, the first time since mid-May and the coolest for an afternoon since April 14th’s high of 47° So is this chill early? 

The temperature today was well off the normal of 61° but it is not uncommon to fall short of 50° this time of the year.  Scanning weather records – the average date of the first sub 50° day is October 24st – so not too far off track.  Last year it arrived on October 30th and the earliest came on September 22, 1913! 

Today’s high of 47-degrees is the normal high for November 25th.


Brighter days are ahead and that will lead to the chill easing Wednesday and again on Saturday.  The pattern will remain on the cooler than average side to end the month with a wind driven rain Thursday and a new shot of chilly air behind a passing cold front early Sunday morning. 

There is a more substantial pattern change in the works long term.  Later next week, the jet stream will flatten and allow for more above normal weather to sweep the nation.  Temperatures could be back well into the 60s later next week.

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