Coolest of the season this morning and a preview of the final weekend of summer; Dry weather to lead to more burn bans



What a morning and if you were out early enough there was a chill in the air. Indianapolis officially dipped to 51-degrees, the coolest since mid-May but outlying areas were chilly! We found Mt. Comfort to be the coolest location on the map early Wednesday morning where the airport temperature fell to 39°. Other lows included 41° in Crawfordsville and 44° in Greenwood.

Dry air is behind the cool off! With dry air temperatures fall rapidly at night and can reach the coolest levels when aided by calm winds and clear skies. That set the table for Wednesday morning. But what is fun is that dry air also heats quickly! Talk about a turnaround, most locations jumped to 80-degrees and up over 35-degrees since sunrise. Dry air, sunshine and a slight south breeze brought the temperatures up Wednesday afternoon.

Clouds arrived on the scene here for the first time since Sunday and will aid in a warmer night. A mid and high level cloud cover will slow the cool off tonight with most areas falling to a comfortable low in the mid to upper 50s with a forecast of 62° in Indianapolis.


There will be a real chill in the air this weekend but the cool off coming is delivered in a different way. Dry air lead to the chill Wednesday, but this weekend we tap into the growing reservoir of cold air from Canada, a product of the lengthening nights as the season gets ready to change.

A cold front will pass early Thursday shifting winds to the north and northeast, with chilly air to follow. Remember the feel early this morning because that is how it will feel Friday, Saturday Sunday and even Monday morning. A sprawling area of Canadian high pressure will deliver the chill with afternoon temperatures likely not reaching 70-degrees for many locations. The final weekend of Summer will feel much more like fall as temperatures run 10-degree or more below normal.


We need rain desperately and the passing form early Thursday offers our last chance of rain before summer ends. Since mid August, this is the driest spell for the dates in 112 years and ranks second driest all-time. The showers that accompany the front will be widely scatted and so brief that they off no real relief to the growing deficit.

There is no rain in the forecast for at least the next six days and just as impressive, we are about to embark on the longest stretch of “sunny” weather this year. Below is the percent of cloud cover at 2 pm for the next six days. Mainly clear skies are coming the exception could once again be some high altitude wildfire smoke.

With no real relief coming, we caution – this weekends cool off may tempt you to have that first bon-fire of the season, but please use extreme caution. Many locations of central and south-central Indiana are tinder dry! Area burn bans as expected are expanding. Lawrence county was added Wednesday and many more will be required.

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