Prepare for considerably cooler weather this Sunday compared to yesterday when highs were in the lower to mid-70s. A cold front traveled over the state last night and as a result, temperatures are going to be running nearly 15 degrees cooler compared to the start of the weekend. It may be a mostly cloudy start, but skies will turn mostly sunny by the afternoon with high pressure moving into the Great Lakes region.

The weather looks ideal for Colts’ football today, which is why Lucas Oil Stadium will have the roof open for today’s home game against the Browns! A jacket is needed for those tailgating and attending the game this afternoon. Highs will rise into the upper 50s near downtown Indianapolis. The northerly breeze will stay in check today and run between 6 and 12 MPH.

A Frost Advisory and Freeze Warning go into effect overnight over the eastern half of Indiana. The combination of light winds, clear skies and lows in the mid-30s will help with the formation of frost Monday morning. The advisory will begin at 2 AM and should expire by 9 AM Monday. Today, you will want to cover any sensitive plants and may even want to prepare for a few extra minutes to warm up your vehicles sitting out overnight.

It may be a chilly Monday morning, but temperatures will quickly recover by the afternoon with highs rising back into the upper 60s. There is going to be quick jump in temperatures on Tuesday as a ridge sets up over the Ohio River Valley. There will be several chances for seeing 70-degree temperatures this upcoming workweek.