Dangerous heat and humidity this week; remnants of “Barry” bringing rain

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Most of us finished out the weekend very dry, hot and humid. However, a narrow band of showers and storms setup Sunday afternoon, bringing heavy rainfall for a very small portion of Central Indiana. Radar estimates parts of northwest Madison county received upwards of 3″ inches of rain.

More of us have a better chance to get rain as we’re tracking the remnants of “Barry” to pass over Central Indiana this week. A few isolated showers will be possible Monday, however, the center of this low pressure system won’t pass over the state until Tuesday into Wednesday. Those days will be our “wetter” days of the week with scattered showers around and a few thunderstorms. Some of the latest model runs do want to dry up the overall amount of rain we see, but pockets of heavy downpours at times will be expected.

Indianapolis made it into the 90’s for the 9th time this year. That’s just shy of being halfway to our annual average. Plenty of more 90-degree days are on the way though.

In fact, as a strong southwesterly wind takes hold, we’re tracking very dangerous heat and humidity levels as we get late into the week. By Thursday, expect Feels Like temperatures to surge well above the 100-degree mark. Actual high temperatures on Friday will be near the record high of 98° for the date. Excessive Heat Warnings being issued from Thursday through the weekend is very much a possibility. Be sure to frequently check on your children, pets and the elderly. Sadly, “heat” is the number one cause of weather related deaths in the U.S.

Highs temperatures on Monday will be back near 90°. While this is not nearly as hot as we are forecasting for late in the week, it can certainly cause a dangerous situation of those left in cars. After a short 10 minutes with the car off and windows rolled up, temperatures can rise to near 110°. After 30 minutes, they can rise to near 125°. 2018 was a record breaking year for the number of children who died in hot cars. That’s not a record we want to break ever again. Please remind others of these dangers as we enter this very hot and humid week.

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