We closed October with a cold thud, but a warmup is in the works

October 2023 ended cold but not before posting 13, 70-degree days. Ended among the warmest 30% of the October’s on record, ranking 42nd. We enter the final month of Meteorological fall running mild. 56% of the days since September 1st have averaged above normal in Indianapolis the fall.


November is always a highly volatile month. Warmest on record was 81° in 1952 and the coldest, -5° in 1880. The most snowfall in November was 9.8″ 1932.

November is the start of cloudy season as the sun angle continues to slump, we lose an additional 54 minutes of daylight this month. Wednesday’s 46° high temperature is the normal high for the end of this month. Normal high is 58° on the first lowering to 45° on the 30th.

Despite November opening chilly, the trends for the month are ‘equal chances’ of above or below normal temps. At this distance, some shots of chilly air are expected with perhaps a warmer than average second half of the month.