Despite a daily rain “chance” the historic dry spell will continue



How is your yard and lawn looking these days? In a stunning turn this once 4th wettest summer on record took a decided turn in mid-July. From June first, the start of meteorological summer though July 17th – 13.84″ of rain fell in Indianapolis making one of the wettest on record. Since then, only a mere .16″ of rain has been recorded near the airport, the official observation for the city of Indianapolis.

Scanning the weather records, the .16″ of rain is the LEAST amount to be measured in the thirty days since July 18th marking the driest for the dates in 120 years. Only 1901 was drier on the calendar with only .12″.

We saw a brief downpour here at out studios late day but it is a perfect example of how selective the rain can be.

Rainfall this time of the year can be selective and it will be all week. Sure, there is a daily shower and storm chance but we are not busting our button over the prospects of area-wide or organized rain for quite some time. Aided by daytime heating and adding humidity will increase the rainfall coverage Tuesday and Wednesday to just over 40% coverage. These two afternoons are looking to be the best bet to get some rainfall but again the COVERAGE is still under 50% of the area. Moving forward, the daily rain threat continues but lowers to a mere 20% coverage Thursday and Friday.


Rain is not evenly distribute this time of the year and the hopes that a more organized rain late last week could possibly be afforded by the remnants of Fred have faded. The tropical storm made landfall in the Florida panhandle Monday at 2:15pm near Cape San Blas and will deliver several inches of rain along its track into western Georgia overnight. The remnants are to lift northeast and not bring any of its rainfall to the state as it weakens by Wednesday evening. Prospects for a better downpour or storm chance are still on hold until perhaps Saturday night. Stay tuned we are monitoring trends.

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