June 2022 has officially become the driest June since 2012. Rain chances are to remain low but might perk up this weekend


The city of Indianapolis has not had a measured rainfall since a soaking on Sunday June, 12th. The dry conditions set on quickly and combined with high heat and the high sun angle, soils in central Indiana went dry quickly. A ‘flash drought’, the rapid onset of drought-like conditions, are to worsen with limited rainfall chances coming over the next six to ten days.

Per the US Drought Monitor’s Thursday update, there is a small area of the state in western Indiana now deemed in ‘moderate drought’ however, locations that are now considered ‘abnormally dry’ have more than doubled in the past week. Indianapolis has only had 1.15″ of rainfall this June and that’s the driest for a June and start to summer since the blazing hot and dry June of 2012.

Soils are zapped quickly of moisture this time of the year, losing as much as a quarter-inch daily so, having no rain in eleven days, we have fallen back quickly and the results are lawns turning brown and plants wilting. We need rain and only isolated locations of south-central and southern Indiana have received some in the past week, the downpours ahead of Wednesday afternoon’s cold front. Below is a Doppler Radar, seven day rainfall estimation. The painted areas represent where rain has fallen.

Any relief in sight? I’m not very optimistic that a wide-spread rain will come any time soon and off long-range machines that produce rainfall estimates, the numbers are still quite low and only show some signs of life toward the latter end of the 10-day span. However, there are prospects for a few showers and storms this weekend, particularly Sunday.

We will add humidity starting Saturday with perhaps a few ‘left-over’ showers early day from an complex of storms in Illinois the night before. If we were to get any rain Saturday, it would be very limited. There will be a uptick in humidity starting Saturday evening, priming the area for perhaps a better chance of showers and even a few thunderstorms on Sunday. At this distance Sunday looks to develop with coverage to a peak at 40% mid-afternoon. It isn’t enough to put a real dent in the wide-spread dry conditions but at this point we will take what we can get. I will be monitoring the weekend timing and extended rainfall trends, and have an update later tonight.