Over the last week, there have been several rounds of rainfall that have impacted central Indiana, including the thunderstorm activity over the weekend and the downpours Indianapolis saw early Wednesday morning. The rainfall was welcomed due to the deficit that has developed since June 1.

It has been a dry summer season for the state, which will in turn effect crop yields at the end of the season. When the Drought Monitor was released last week, Indiana saw improvements with the drought conditions! Nearly 44% of the state was seeing (D1) Moderate Drought conditions through mid-July and that number fell to 18% last Thursday. The photo below shows last week’s information released on July 21, 2022.

The Drought Monitor releases its new map every Thursday morning around 8 AM and the recent rain totals did have a positive effect on the newest update! (D1) Moderate Drought conditions dropped from 18% to 13% and the (D0) Abnormally Dry category fell from 69% to 50%. The biggest change occurred over southern Indiana where (D1) Moderate Drought conditions have been cut back.

Indianapolis received 1.09” in the last week with 0.91” measured from Wednesday, July 27. It was the wettest day in Indy since April 13 (1.04”)!  Even with the recent downpours, much of central Indiana is still seeing a slight rainfall deficit for the month. The Indianapolis Airport is running more than 4.50” below average to-date for meteorological summer!