INDIANAPOLIS – Comfortable weather has prevailed on this Saturday thanks to clouds & showers across portions of the state. While the rain is undesirable, it was able to stave off 90 degree heat with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s replacing it.

Sunday showers hang around

We will wake up to a mix of sun & clouds on Sunday with spotty showers across the state. Similar to Saturday, rain will remain in the mix throughout the day. During the afternoon, showers and a few storms will become more scattered, but around half the state should still remain dry. Sun will be in and out between rain showers and highs will range from upper 70s to mid 80s depending on where those sunniest spots are. Humidity will make the air feel sticky, but if you can avoid the rain, it will not be a bad day or evening to spend some time outdoors.

Holiday rain chances & start of the work week

The unofficial end of summer, (at least that’s what we called it in New England) a.k.a. Labor Day, will send us off with a true summer-like feel. Humidity will remain higher through the day and with breaks in a partly cloudy sky we should reach the low to mid 80s. Showers & storms will remain a potential threat throughout most daytime hours however and will be scattered throughout the day. If you have outdoor plans, keep an indoor option available.

Clouds, showers, and humidity will remain through the majority of Tuesday before improvement begins to occur. Temperatures will remain in the lower 80s with some uncertainty due to overall cloud cover & rate at which clearing occurs. Greater improvement should come on Wednesday as this long-lived wet weather-maker begins to pull away.