Thanksgiving 2022 ended mild with some patchy light rain. The Autumn drought continues with prospects for better rain Sunday


The milder spell rolls on and our Thanksgiving holiday was the warmest in seven years and among the warmest on record. Slower arrival of clouds allowed many locations to exceed 60-degrees! Only seventeen Thanksgivings on record have reached 60-degrees, the most recent was 2015 and the warmest 69° in 1972.

Rain arriving late day was on the light side and will do nothing to alleviate the dry conditions here. Rain typically falls on the Thanksgiving holiday here. It has rained (or snowed) on more than half over the past 50 years. The MOST MOIST Turkey Day, 2010 with 1.45″.

We need the rain as this has now become the DRIEST FALL on record in 23 years (1999). With LESS THAN HALF the normal rainfall, the UPDATE from the U.S. Drought Center has deemed 80% of the state of Indiana as MODERATE DROUGHT conditions.


Are we still getting early to shop? Showers are to diminish quickly after midnight with winds shifting northwest. Some fog forming and rather mild for a late November morning. Give Friday a chance! It may start cloudy and dreary but skies are expected to brighten through the day. Dry, cool and clear conditions are expected Friday evening for the lighting ceremonies downtown Indianapolis Friday night.


Real rainfall is coming Sunday with potential for multiple “waves’ of downpours starting pre-dawn. This is an early-take of forecast rainfall numbers off one machine and they’re promising. We will monitor trends.