MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind. — The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF0 tornado occurred in Montgomery County as part of its preliminary report on Wednesday’s severe weather.

The brief tornado touched down in eastern Montgomery County in the New Ross area. According to NWS, the tornado began at 11:58 a.m. on the west side of County Road 1050 East and lasted for one minute on the ground.

The EF0’s peak estimated wind was around 65 mph. It traveled for about .26 miles and was 20 yards across at its widest point.

No one was injured. The following is a description of the reported structural damage:

  • Roof panels peeled back on garage, roofing material thrown 500 yards, siding peeled off home at CR 1050 East
  • Nails pulled straight out and wall blown out of outbuilding on E. New Ross Road
  • Garage blown and grill thrown 20 yards at home on E. New Ross Road

An EF0 is considered a weak tornado on the EF scale.

Wednesday’s tornado is the 23rd tornado reported in Indiana in the past week, following Friday’s 22 tornadoes across the state.