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El Niño watch issued by NOAA; how this could impact Indiana weather

Hurricane Willa passed the Islas Marias as it closed in on Mexico mainland in 2018. El Nino can contribute to stronger hurricanes in the Pacific basin. (Photo: Getty Images)

INDIANA — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued an El Niño watch, with the expectation of an El Niño pattern to develop as early as May!

La Niña ended in March. We entered an “ENSO-neutral” pattern that was expected to continue into the early summer months. However, the CPC said there is a 62% chance of El Niño developing earlier than originally forecasted. There is an 80%-90% certainty of El Niño throughout the fall and early months.

Courtesy: CPC

What does this mean for the next few months in Indiana?

The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting warmer-than-average temperatures for Indiana through at least June. Well above average temperatures are being forecasted in the deep south and along the east coast.

Courtesy: CPC

The seasonal precipitation outlook looks wet for the Ohio Valley. Indiana is in the above-average chance for a wetter-than-average few months. Areas in the southwest are looking drier than average through June.