Fall closes with one of the sunniest days this year, mild December to roll along


We were nearly 100% sunny Monday marking the brightest overhead in well over a month. Sunshine will be plentiful for the next few days and after slight cool off, unseasonably mild air returns.


What an afternoon overhead and today marked one of the sunniest days of the entire year. Not quite 100% clear, a few high clouds were noted early day but this was the brightest since early November. There have only been a total of six days all year deemed 100% sunny, the last was November 5th.

December 2021 has had its share of sunny days thus far and to-date. This month is the cloudiest annually and entering the day we have had 38% possible sunshine, or about the normal. However after Monday’s stunning skies and the likelihood of mostly clear skies through Wednesday, the sunshine will be at a surplus again soon.


Meteorologist use the calendar and refer to the months of December, January and February as meteorological winter. Since December 1st this ‘winter’ is among the warmest on record to date and the opening three weeks has produced and tied for most 60-degree days on record with 1889. Meteorological winter 2021 has produced 18 days above normal (90%) with Monday being the 12th straight above. The average temperature for the month entering the day was 42° and ranks 9th warmest on record.

Astronomical winter officially begins Tuesday at precisely at 10:59 am, the exact time when the sun’s most direct rays reach their southern most of the entire year at the Tropic of Capricorn. Winter officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere and summer starts in the southern Hemisphere. It is the shortest day of the year here producing only nine hours and twenty-one minutes of daylight.

With the exception of a pull back in temperatures Wednesday we are eying a new surge of warm air just before Christmas. Friday, Christmas Eve day will be a windy one that features a renewed chance of rain and unseasonably mild air. At this distance the temperatures are expected to warm to as much as 20-degrees above normal and register as the warmest Christmas Eve here in 39 years – warmest since 1982.

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