Scattered afternoon showers and storms announce the arrival of a new cold front. The air behind this front will deliver a knockout blow to the humidity and set us up for a extended milder stretch

Downpours this evening accompany a real fall-like front that settles south toward sunset. Winds will freshen up from the northeast and deliver the COOLEST temperatures here in six weeks! The humidity will we wiped out by this front that’s air has it’s origins from Canada. We are forecasting the first night officially below 60-degrees in Indianapolis since late June! The A/C can get a deserved break!

Look for those skies to improve and then watch the incredibly bright full moon rise! Tonight the FINAL super moon of the year. This will be the 4th consecutive super moon following May, June and July.

A super moon is when the moon is full while it is in “perigee” or closest to earth in it’s orbit. The full moon in August is also known as the “sturgeon moon”, named by Native-Americans that noted the increase in the large fish and how easily they were caught this time of year. The full moon officially occurs at 9:36pm Thursday.