Late April and spring fever is at a premium but hold off for a little while longer


Longer days and warmer afternoons quickly add to the anticipation if real sustained spring weather and the start of planting season however we are not in the clear just yet.

April 28th is the calendar date when on average, the final night of 36° low temperatures will occur – the temperature at which frost forms. That final frost can range widely from year to year. The earliest last freeze was April 7th, 1898. The LATEST last frost is eye-catching, May 31st, 1889!

Each of the past two springs have produced some late season frosts and even a hard freeze. Last year we had a string of frosty mornings ending on May 12th (34°) and in 2021, the low was 34° on May 10th. That was also the May the low temperature fell to 27° in Indianapolis, on the 9th, setting a RECORD for the date and a record low for the month of May.

When is out last freeze? We’ve passed that, falling on average April 16th but the LATEST last freeze was May 27th, 1961! Fingers-crossed we don’t break that record anytime soon!

There are no chilly nights through the weekend but long-range forecasts shows a hint at a chilly mornings either late next week or next weekend.