First 70-degree day is overdue, may come soon

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March 2020 has already produced some very mild days, reaching 67° twice and equaling the warmest of 2020. Now that spring has officially arrived and spring fever is at a premium, when can we expect a 70-degree day?

The average date of the high temperature of 70-degrees is May 5, but unusually mild spells of weather can bring that level of warmth much earlier in the year. The average date that a 70-degree day occurs officially in Indianapolis has passed. Over nearly 150 years of weather records, on average, the date of the first 70° is March 18.

The earliest 70-degree day came on January 11, 1890, while the longest wait came on April 24, 1984.

It has been 157 days since we recorded our last 70° day in Indianapolis (73° on October 20). The longest span was 188 days in 1958 from October 8 to April 15.


A surge in temperatures will get underway starting Wednesday as sunshine returns area-wide. The rise will be impressive, into the lower to mid 60s Wednesday then upper 60s Thursday and Friday.

Showers and thunderstorms will become more numerous later Thursday, but with some dry time, some locations could make a run at the 70-degree mark Thursday afternoon.

Friday is less promising. Rain showers and a few thunderstorms will be more numerous, but Saturday could be the day.

Early morning showers and thunderstorms are expected to scatter and ease as a low pressure approached early afternoon. Southwest winds will elevate temperatures with some extended rain-free and dry hours. The current forecast brings temperatures into the lower 70s Saturday afternoon, nearing 20-degrees above normal.

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