Tuesday marks first 50-degree day of 2021


Spring fever!

Sunshine and gusty winds overcame snow on the ground to elevate the temperature to 51 degrees Tuesday in Indianapolis. This was the warmest day of 2021 and the first 50-degree day since December 27.

The span of 59 days in-between the last and first 50-degree day is among the longest on record (10th longest). On average, the first occurrence of 50° is January 13, with the earliest on record January 1 (several occasions). The latest first 50° day came March 19, 1978. The calendar day when the average high temperature is 50-degrees is still a ways away — that is March 11.

Melting the snow has everything to do with the warm up as the heavier snow depth in north-central Indiana slowed the warm up to only the low/mid 40s Tuesday. The snow cover is fading fast as the nation rebounds from the cold wave. Tuesday morning, the nation’s snow cover had fall to 35% — down nearly 50% from late last week when it topped 73%.

The cold wave took a toll on our mild winter, evening out the number of days above versus those below. Tuesday marked only the third day this month above normal. The cold February erased a temperature surplus entering the month with nearly 60% of the days above normal since December 1. February 2021 may be on the rebound but still stands among the coldest on record to date at 13th coldest.

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