INDIANAPOLIS – Two major events will take place in the next 24 hours and weather, as always, will play a role your experience.

Tonight: Total lunar eclipse

I preface this by saying “tonight” is interchangeable with “tomorrow morning”, as this eclipse will take place primarily between 4-7am. This lunar eclipse will be seen in totality across Indiana – some refer to this as a “blood moon.”

If you plan to spectate, the eclipse technically begins at 3:02am, but you won’t see much until around 4:09am when Earth’s umbra casts a dark shadow across the lunar surface. If you’d prefer to just see the total eclipse (when the moon looks red), your window will be from 5:16-6:41am. The eclipse will become partial after this window and continue until moonset at 7:29am.

In terms of weather, partial cloud cover is expected through the duration of this eclipse. That being said, there should be enough breakage in the clouds that the eclipse is still visible. Thin clouds may make viewing a bit fuzzy at worst. Temperatures will be in the low 40s, so make sure you grab a jacket before stepping outside.

Tomorrow: Midterm election day

Election day will begin as the eclipse ends with a cool, but still warmer than average start to the morning. The day will get sunnier as we progress through the first several hours of the day with a crystal clear sky by afternoon. You may notice a breeze at times in the afternoon, but it will otherwise remain quiet. High temps are expected to break into the low 60s, which would make this Indy’s warmest midterm election since 1994! Also worth noting, the past 7 out of 10 have been rainy, which makes Tuesday’s dry weather a welcome a break!

Late week cold burst

We’ll enjoy this comfortable weather for several days to come, but on the horizon is our first major blast of cold air this season. The weekend will feel more like December after stretch of days that have been well above average. We’ll dive into the temperature dive later this week, but don’t let the cold catch you off guard!