Long holiday weekend open soggy but better weather is arriving soon


We really faired well at the track today for Carb Day and the opening of Race Weekend in Indianapolis. Look at the spread in rainfall totals Friday just before 4:30 pm! In a span of under 15 miles, rainfall ranges from little to no rainfall at IMS to drenching 1″ totals east. That slow low, is on the go! That churning low overhead is behind the three days of rain. It departs east tonight into Ohio.

Clearing underway later tonight and much cooler too. Early Saturday morning will include many locations in the 40’s.

It is a full-on sunny forecast for the remainder of the weekend the only exception are some passing clouds around daybreak Sunday. These are attributed to an approaching warm front and offer the only flaw to a potentially flawless weekend. Might a sprinkle or shower accompany these clouds?

Warmer winds blow for the remainder of the long weekend and temperatures are set to rise. Race Day Sunday climbs into the lower 80s and by early next week, added humidity and highs approach 90-degees Tuesday.