Just when it seems like we escape the rain, the gray & wet weather catches back up to us. We caught a nice break Monday afternoon after morning showers however. The sun came out for a few hours and this also helped temperatures pop back into the 60s. We’ll need to take advantage of these brief periods of sun when we get the chance with more gray weather ahead this week.

Tuesday we wake up to a day in the mid 40s, but clouds will be in the sky across Central & Southern Indiana. Rain will enter into the southern part of the state after daybreak and continue through Central Indiana during the afternoon. Northern Indiana may remain mostly dry, but clouds will eventually spread through the area too. Temps will reach the mid to upper 50s depending on how steady afternoon rain is. The first pitch of the Indianapolis Indians season is scheduled for 7:05pm, and luckily the rain should be over by then. It will be in the 50s during the game, but we should enjoy a night of baseball with slow, but steady drying.

It will not take long for rain to move back in however as a front rolls through on Wednesday. Showers and a few storms will impact the state through the morning. Severe weather is not a concern this time, but localized flooding is possible. Clouds will clear in the afternoon, but a northwest wind will keep temperatures in the upper 50s or low 60s, even with a mild start. More gray weather lies ahead as we close out the work week.