INDIANAPOLIS – Saturday got off to a sunny start, but things slowly began to turn by the early afternoon. Our next storm system is approaching in two parts with moisture from the south arriving first. We’ll watch as this phases with upper-level energy to bring another slow moving storm system to the state.

Not so sunny Sunday

Clouds will be abundantly present by the start of Sunday with scattered showers in the area. Many of these showers will have arrived overnight, but will become more numerous as energy from the west enters the mix too. By the afternoon, scattered storms will develop alongside showers, though severe weather is unlikely. Temperatures will remain cooler with the lack of sun and highs are not expected to top the mid to upper 70s. This system will begin to stall overhead and clouds will remain through the night.

Shades of fall in the early week

Clouds are expected to be present through much of Monday as the storm system very slowly drifts east. There is some upside to the forecast however, as dry air may intrude at some point and clear skies for a time. Still, showers will be present during those cloudy times too. It will be one of our coolest days in months with highs likely to remain in the low 70s.

Tuesday we will begin to see some improvement, but it will be slow. Clouds will be around through the majority of the day, though showers will be very isolated if present at all. Temperatures will begin to recover though it is still likely to remain cool with high temps in the 72-75 range.