Heat wave on the horizon

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Central Indiana had another day of high humidity after overnight storms. New storms came to life and drifted southwest out of Delaware and Madison counties late day.

The surge of cool air, an outflow boundary, creates these ominous storm clouds ahead of the tropical downpours. These clouds, known as shelf clouds, are a product of the rain-cooled air surging out and away form the parent thunderstorm.

Gusty winds and a rapid fall in temperatures occurred followed by very heavy rainfall. Some locations in Madison County reported over 2″ of rain and flooded streets around north Anderson.

We captured the approaching storm clouds from the northeast from several of our cameras Tuesday.

The storms were losing steam just before 7 p.m., but the surge of cool air (outflow boundary) could spark new storms through 8 p.m. A shower and thunderstorm will be possible through midnight.

The overnight storms produced healthy rainfall for Indianapolis. Over one inch of rain fell officially, removing the June rainfall deficit and ending the month with a surplus!

That is not the case area-wide. The selective nature of the recent rain has bypassed many, especially Bloomington. Northern Monroe County, specifically Ellettsville, reported 3″ of rain over the past 24 hours, while nearby Bloomington received no rain since midnight and ends the month more than 3.5″ below normal.


Air conditioning will be at a premium as the weather pattern shifts to end the work week. The rain producing jet stream is headed north over the next few days, allowing for a large upper-level high pressure to build. This expanding dome of heat or HOT DOME is to take up residence for several days.

Storm production is halted as the sinking motion of the the air caps the ability for storms to grow while sinking air compressed and heats. At this time, several 90-degree days are forecast through the holiday weekend and well into next week. July opens Wednesday, and the likelihood of above normal temperatures extends well into the second week of the month.

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