Heat wave rolls; break coming soon?


90° heat continues for today, as the hot wave hits day 5 for downtown Indianapolis! Hazy sun and dry conditions will start the day, under light winds. Like the past few days, temperatures will rise quickly through 1:00 pm, before clouds bubble and a few storms initialize. These storms are very tropical, in nature, meaning they can hold a vast amount of liquid and produce heavy rainfall totals in a very confined area. Expect some lightning too!

Wednesday could be the hottest of 2020, as the forecast high could reach 95° by 4:00 pm, as storm chances appear more limited across the state.

Changes get underway Friday, as a cold front drops into the region! This will bring a greater area of rain and storms in coverage, along with a pullback in the intense heat! Still very warm for the weekend but the 90s should back off through Tuesday morning.

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