INDIANAPOLIS – Today becomes the 7th consecutive day without an above average high in Indianapolis as a cooler pattern of weather bears down on the region. Cloud cover has been major player in many of these mild days, but even a brighter sky will not overcome this pattern in the days ahead.

A break from dreary days

Our last burst of cloud cover for what may be several days will come ahead of Tuesday. The tops of showers & storms will blow across our sky and may linger through a portion of the morning. Temperatures beginning in the low 60s will still jump into the low 80s during the afternoon as the sky begins to clear more. Still, this leaves us several degrees cooler than average as high pressure to the north keeps a steady flow of Canadian air across the Great Lakes region.

A stint of perfect outdoor weather

Some of the nicest weather of the summer will be ahead through the middle and late week. For many, the cooler than average weather is a good thing here! An upper level trough that has had a hold on the Eastern US and will begin to settle through the Midwest & Plains regions as we progress into the weekend. This will work along with a broad area of high pressure nearby to the north to reinforce this early September-like pattern.

Wednesday through Friday will be the warmest and also sunniest days of the week. They will also feature the coolest mornings thanks to dry air & clear skies. Each day will fluctuate from low 60s to low to mid 80s. Mostly sunny conditions are expected each of these days. Take advantage of the pristine weather though, rain chances begin to increase again on Saturday.