Hoosiers deal with more snow and are ready for spring

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 2, 2014) — This is the winter that keeps on giving. This latest storm to whiten Central Indiana came in several rounds. It’s been enough to just add to the frustration of springtime hopefuls.

“It’s cold, very cold, haha,” said a mother and daughter pair.

“I just don’t like this weather,” said another woman.

“I’m ready for some warm weather, I’m ready to hit the lake,” said Justin Holder of Indianapolis.

We can all dream, can’t we? These days, those dreams seem to be more vivid when all there is to look at is snow. This latest storm left the sidewalks and roads across Central Indiana dusted with what looked like a sugary confection, but it was anything but sweet.

“I haven’t actually gotten used to it, at all. I probably will never get used to this cold,” said Maria Gaunt of Indianapolis.

This is Gaunt’s first Indiana winter. She says it wasn’t nearly this bad in the Arizona mountains where she used to live. Road crews have been working around the clock making sure the roads are kept safe and passable. The work seemed to be paying off, all you have to do is look.

Steffi and Fiona Huber are visiting from Atlanta, and like our winter weather response compared to the nightmare where they are from not long ago.

“It took me, what normally takes me 15 minutes, took me four hours, which is really bad because there were people who had to spend the night in their cars,” Huber said.

As cold and snowy as it’s been this entire winter, it’s tough to find people who are actually liking it. But there are people who can handle it. Take Laurie for example. She came here from an area that was even worse…Canada and Michigan.

“It’s nothing to us. i’ve lived down here for 19 years now and I have to admit that I got away from it and it is getting a little tiresome,” she said.

And it looks like it’s staying around for a while, even though something’s gotta give eventually. It’s only going to get colder unfortunately, which means roads will likely stay slick. Schools may be delayed or even cancelled depending on how much can be cleared tonight. Getting to work will also be slippery, so make sure you leave early enough and don’t drive fast and risk losing control.

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