INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures soaring right back into the low 90s for Saturday with plenty of sunshine to start the first weekend of summer! Storm chances return for Sunday.

The rest of Friday

Dry and sunny Saturday

More sunshine to continue our dry streak of weather in Central Indiana! The temperatures rise back into the lower 90s, however, the biggest difference in how it will feel tomorrow afternoon will be the uptick in humidity. Prepare for it to feel just a bit more toasty!

Cranking up the heat

Tomorrow’s day planner propels us right back into the lower 90s by Saturday afternoon.

Storm chances Sunday

Scattered showers are possible late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Storm chances will be present with the oncoming rain as well. The bulk of the activity looks to be in the overnight hours. However, isolated showers with storm chances are possible into Sunday afternoon as well.

Indianapolis 7-day forecast