We are eying several more hot days to end the week and for this upcoming weekend. High temperatures Wednesday jump to the warmest here since July 5th.


It’s been a very warm summer with multiple 90-degree days and even for some, high temperatures in the lower 100’s. However there has been a bit of a pause in the searing heat, Indianapolis has only posted one 90-degree day in the past two weeks. To be fair, there were four days in that span that reached 88-degrees of higher.

We average 19 days of 90-degree weather in Indianapolis and this summer with 13 days, we are nearing twice the normal to-date. 8 days is the average through July 19th.

The official temperature for the city of Indianapolis is taken from a sensor near the airport where the hottest temperature in 10 years was taken on July 5th when we reached 99°. Multiple cities around central Indiana are outpacing Indianapolis with Shelbyville leading the way. So far this summer, Shelbyville has posted 27 days of 90-degree or hotter weather, with Tipton trailing with 21 days.

Wednesday will bring on the next day reaching/surpassing 90° as southwest blow ahead of an approaching front. We are predicting mid-90s and a heat index that surges above 100-degrees Wednesday afternoon. A wind shifting front early afternoon could bring on a spotty shower or storm but at minimal coverage (under 20%).

Wednesday’s heat could be just a preview of the upcoming weekend when the heat reloads and returns potentially equaling or surpassing the early month blistering temperatures. Our current forecast is for a high of 98° Saturday and 99° Sunday in Indianapolis, with a likelihood that some locations will reach or exceed 100-degrees. Thunderstorms as early as Sunday night will bring relief early next week.