How much more snow to go and will March deliver more snow than January?


A storm-free stretch of weather is expected here for the remainder of the work week with a reinforcing shot of cold air expected behind a second front Thursday night.

A chilly but dry spell will end starting Sunday but at this distance once again looks to be more rain than snow.  While we are no way out of the woods when it comes to snowfall there is still some “gas in the tank” when it comes to snowfall production.

We average nearly 25″ of snow each season and through Tuesday we should have had about 80% of the seasonal snow.   So far this year we are 8″ below normal with about 5″ of snow annually left to go.

It is worth pointing out that we’ve had some significant March snow storms recently.  Three of the past six years have produced significant snow.

In 2018, the largest snowfall of the season fell on Sunday, March 24th with just over 10″ of snow in Indianapolis (image below).  In 2013,  over 6″ of snow fall on the same date!  In 2015, 6″ of snow fell on the first producing an record snow depth to start the month with  11″ at daybreak.

Three March’s in the past six years have produced more snow than our January


11.6″                3.7″      (2018)

5.9″                   3.1″      (2015)

14.5″                2.4″      (2013) 

It appears we could be headed to another strange season where March produces more snow than January.  It will not be hard to do considering we only had .3″ of snow this past January.

The lack extended cold could be ending especially long range.  A shift to a colder patter looks to be in full effect starting late this month and to open March.  Will that be enought to bring the snow with it?  Time will tell, so stay tuned!

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