How much snow to go? Still plenty of winter weather coming our way



We’re beyond the first week of February, and over the past four days, we’ve received nearly one inch of snowfall. That isn’t a lot, but it is more than the entire month of January produced. We are still well below normal for the season.

So how much more snow is there it go?

Based on yearly averages, we will have nearly 7″ of additional snowfall before the snow season ends — about 26% of the yearly toal. We average just under 26″ for the season. January is the snowiest, with an average of 8.6″, followed by December’s 6.9″.  February averages 6.5″, followed by March’s 2.6″.

It is worth noting that two of the largest snowstorms on record have occurred in mid and late February. There is still a long way to go, and we are currently into a more active pattern. Next up will be a storm system Wednesday and Thursday.

Stay tuned!

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