As forecast last week temperatures moved to the upper 80s and even the lower 90s Wednesday, unusually warm for this time of year. This type of heat is rare for early May


We broke and tied two CENTRURY OLD records Wednesday. A warm-minimum of 72° breaks a record set in 1881, 141 years ago of 68°. The 89° high tied the record set in 1896 126 years ago.

This warm, this early is rare as Wednesday’s temperatures were the warmest in a May in four years. We did not reach this level warmth last year until June 7th, four weeks from now. Several locations reached or surpassed 90-degrees, a temperature that normally will occur on June 15th.

We are only 11 days into May and the span of temperatures this month runs from 43° on the 2nd to today’s 89° a span of 46-degrees! The hottest May temperature recorded in Indianapolis was 96° while coldest was 27° set just two years ago in 2020.

The heat also combined with very humid air for this time of the year but a change is coming overnight. The heat index reached the low/mid 90s area wide Wednesday afternoon. MUGGLY air is on the clock as east winds deliver drier air through the night. The DEW POINT dives overnight bringing a much more comfortable Thursday morning!