This week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana. Today’s topic is school safety.

School safety is a huge priority for many Hoosiers. Schools have plans for delays or closings based on the forecast or observed weather and driving conditions. While you should be monitoring the forecast, be sure to monitor school websites, your emails, and your text messages to stay up-to-date with the school plans for the day ahead. Keep a weather radio nearby to listen for any updated warnings too. 

Kids should bundle up and cover as much skin as possible when waiting for the school bus to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. Stay inside until the last minute to avoid waiting out in the cold for too long, if possible.  

If you see a school bus on the road, use extra caution when traveling. Snow or fog can make it difficult to see children getting on or off the school bus. Be more mindful during winter weather around school zones, stopping distance is longer during slick conditions. 

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