INDIANAPOLIS – Sunday, May 15 night into early Monday, May 16 morning, a lunar eclipse will be visible to the naked eye, weather permitting, of course.

What is a lunar eclipse?

The Earth will cast a shadow on the moon during the lunar eclipse. This happens because the Earth gets in between the sun and the moon. This causes a dark shadow on the moon. A total lunar eclipse means the entire moon will be blocked from the sun’s rays.

What time can I watch the eclipse?

The partial eclipse begins around 9:25 p.m and continues until 2:50 a.m., reaching maximum eclipse time around 12:11 a.m.

All of these times are eastern.

Do I need glasses to watch this eclipse?

No glasses are needed to watch this eclipse, but a telescope would help you see it better. You can watch this with the naked eye.

Don’t worry, if you miss this one, another will happen on November 8, 2022, just a few months away!

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