In like a lamb, March 2021 opens cooler with extended sunny stretch coming



We opened the new month with a seasonal chill but notably colder after Sunday’s 61-degree high. Monday only topped 44°, a temperature more typical for the first of March. We came a long way fast! From 7° on the morning of February 19, to 61° the afternoon of the 28th, in a span of nine days we climbed 54-degrees! The final weekend of February was the warmest for a weekend since mid-November, and we now close the book on winter… sort-of.

That was a rather impressive February, ending up in the record books as the coldest and snowiest in six years. The average temperature of 25.9° places February 2021 as the 25th coldest. Snowfall of 11.8″ brought us up to the 20th snowiest February on record.

The three-week stretch to open February took a toll on this winter and the records. The span from January 30 to February 18 accounted for 72% of the snowfall for the season and produced half the number of days below normal for the entire season. Meteorological winter 2020-2021 ends 4.5° colder than last year and the snowiest (22.2″) since 2014.


It was another dreary month with only half the normal sunshine, following up to a dreary January as well. We are way overdue for some extended sunny weather. Looking back over the past 14 months, only one had produced a sunshine surplus, and 13 have been cloudier than average, last November excluded.

The first week of March shows some promise.

We look to be storm-free for the next several days, and we are also expecting an abundance of sunshine. Each of the next six days are expected to be nearly clear to mostly sunny! That’s a far cry for a month that has opened like a lion!


On this date six years ago, March really opened with a roar when nearly six inches of snow fell. It was a record snow to open the month and record snow depth of 11″! It would take us nine days to erase that snow cover, and by mid-month, we reached a high of 74° on the 16th.


March is the fastest month to warm, climbing from an average high of 45° on the first to 58° on the 31st. The sun angle is higher and climbing as we officially start spring. We gain one hour and 14 minutes of daylight this month!

The month can take some serious turns. Check this out: the highest March temperature was 85° set in 1981. The coldest temperature ever in March of -7° was set one year earlier in 1980!

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