INDIANAPOLIS – After a frosty morning, afternoon temperatures bounce back into the low 60s. Calmer winds and a little bit of sunshine appear before we look to our next chances for rain.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning

Frosty start to Wednesday

Temperatures this morning started off more than 10° below normal. The coldest lows included 29° in Kokomo, Peru, and Monticello. Crawfordsville recorded a low of 30°. This prompted freeze and frost warnings across Central Indiana. We were fairly close to a record low in Indianapolis this morning at 35°. The current record is 30° set back in 1946.

Wednesday morning lows

The chill is easing

Despite anther chilly night prospects for frost and freeze ease with onset of clouds later tonight. advisories are east of Indiana for Thursday morning.

Timing Thursday rain chances

Thursday morning starts out drier with partly cloudy skies. Patchy showers stay mostly north of Kokomo by 7 a.m. By noon, light right showers in the metro area will be possible. Thunderstorm activity will be virtually nonexistent at this time. By Thursday evening around 8 p.m. more light rain will be present especially north of I-70.

Timing Friday rain chances

Friday late afternoon to early evening will feature a better chance to see rain across Indiana. By 4 p.m. light showers south of I-70 will start to pick up. These rain showers start to spread out by 7 p.m. Friday night, with an isolated storm possible. By 11 p.m. rain continues to push across the state and enter into Ohio.

7-day forecast

Spotty showers will be present through the end of the work week. Heavier showers and stronger storms may pick up for Saturday evening as temperatures near 70°. It gets even warmer for Sunday with highs in the mid 70s and more sunshine headed our way before a stormy start to next week kicks in.

7 day forecast