A long stretch of dominantly gray weather has continued through the start of the first full week of April. After showers on Monday, a second round of rain fell through much of the late morning and afternoon today. While this may come as a concern with the Indians home opener scheduled for tonight, fear not! Rain is exiting early this evening and we may actually get into some clearing before the sun completely sets.

Despite the clearing outside this evening, it will not be long before clouds move back into the area. By sunrise on Wednesday we will be dealing with a completely overcast sky and downpours entering from the west. Rain will spread from west to east across the state through the morning and will continue until the early afternoon. Luckily, we will be able to enjoy sunny weather again by the mid afternoon, but be prepared for gusty wind. Highs temps will be in the upper 50s across the Hoosier State, but are going to drop quickly overnight.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will be stuck under the influence of a closed off low pressure system. This means that the low has exited the mean flow and gets stuck meandering across the region for a few days. For that reason, our weather will not change much and will be much colder than average. Additionally, gray weather will stick around as well. Showers will be spotty through Thursday and we are likely to see some light snow at times on Friday. Things will begin to dry on Saturday, but real improvement will not come until the late weekend. Next week however, our weather will be very different and in a good way.