INDIANAPOLIS – April has officially concluded as our fourth month of the year, which means we are officially one third of the way through 2022! Pretty frightening, right? Well, the good news is that there are number of positive changes that come along with new month. Let’s see what’s ahead…

Our weather continues to warm

Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it should come as no surprise that our weather gets warmer in May. At the start of the month we average a low in the upper 40s and a high in the upper 60s. Comfortable weather no doubt. We also leave behind the chilly mornings of April in which over a third of days begin in the 30s. During May however, we average only 2 days that colder than 40.

By the end of the month our average high and low are nearly 10 degrees warmer. This places lows in the upper 50s and highs in the upper 70s. If you’re not so keen on the heat though, May still fits the bill. We actually average only 2 days in the upper 80s or hotter through the month. That number climbs to 9 once we enter into June.

Longer days are ahead

Often considered the best part of the changing seasons from winter to summer, we add even more sunlight to our days during the month the May. On the first of the month our total daylight is 13 hours 53 minutes and 53 seconds. This includes a sunrise at 6:45am and a sunset at 8:38pm. Also worth noting is that our peak sun angle is 65°, which means UV is already pretty high.

By the end of the month we will have added another 53 minutes and 10 seconds of daylight. This brings our total to 14 hours 47 minutes and 3 seconds. Sunrise becomes 6:19am and our sunset is later than 9 o’clock, going down at 9:06pm! The peak sun angle increases to 72° as well. For comparison, our annual peak sun angle is 74° in late June, so you should also have the sunscreen handy by this point!

A look forward at this week…

We begin the new week with an abundance of sunshine and temperatures around average on Monday. It will be one of the nicest days this week and a great one to head outdoors. As soon as our weather becomes nice however, we take a turn again on Tuesday. It will remain mild, but storms will impact at least the first half of the day with a low chance for severe weather. After that, we dry out through the middle of the week with a return to the upper 60s. Our next chance for storms will come again Thursday into Friday with temps hanging in the 60s for a couple more days.