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INDIANAPOLIS — Did you see snow trucks and salters on the roads Tuesday afternoon? No need to worry, there is no snow in the forecast just yet.

Indiana Department of Transportation drivers were doing a “mock snow event” trial to prepare for the winter season ahead. This was the last phase of their winter weather preparedness.

INDOT also wanted to test out some new features that the public will be able to use this coming season. New technology has been added to the trucks to measure how much salt is being used and where it was dropped. New cameras have been installed on trucks this year that the public can watch live during snowfall events. These cameras show what the road conditions will be like when the trucks are out on their routes.

According to Mallory Duncan, strategic communication director for INDOT, they are not short staffed on drivers, but they are always hiring for seasonal positions.

Duncan also said they wanted to do a practice run with new drivers, new equipment and different routes around all of the construction around the city.

Johnny Perkins, a driver with INDOT for 10 years, said this event is to make sure all of the equipment is up to par before they get out on the road.

“We don’t want to take out a piece of equipment on the road and it not do what it’s supposed to do and have to turn around and come back,” Perkins said.

Perkins added that INDOT prepares them with classes and information when new technology or equipment is brought in so drivers are prepared for the upcoming season.