INDIANAPOLIS – The coldest weather of the year is behind us, climatologically speaking, but it will certainly hold true with a stretch of mild days this week!

50 degree warmth holds up

Sunny conditions always benefit a warm up and we’ve seen exactly that on this Super Bowl Sunday. High temps have reached the 50s across Indiana and much of the region. With the exception of a few clouds overnight, the sun will not be going anywhere on Monday either.

We’ll begin the new week with a mix of clouds & sun, but by late morning we’ll be enjoying a crystal clear sky once again. Temps will range from low-mid 30s at the start of the day, back into the 50s by the early afternoon. Highs will largely end up in the mid 50s later in the day. Wind will be light and it will be a very nice day all around.

The same cannot be said for Tuesday however. We’ll begin the day with filtered sunshine and that’s the most we expect to see. Clouds will thicken as we head into the afternoon and scattered rain showers will begin to emerge before the end of the day. Temps will still reach the low 50s, but only on the back of a breezy southwest wind. Showers will remain scattered and take us through the first part of the night.

A couple of 60 degree days on the horizon

Despite the rain on Tuesday, a cold front will not follow up and washout our warmth this time. In fact, we may even warm up as another storm system to the west lifts more mild air in! We will also be squeezed into a narrow passage of high pressure and mostly sunny skies. Wednesday has a legitimate chance to reach the widespread mid 60s as long as that second storm system is close enough to kick the mild air in.

Thursday will be mild once again, but rain will be present this time. Showers will be more numerous and a couple of storms are possible as well. Rain will lighten up in the afternoon and highs have a chance to reach the low to mid 60s once more before a major cool down into Friday.